SEL Awardee

Bettany Valsin

Uplift Luna Primary
Uplift Education
Dallas, TX
“I will create an interactive folder that my scholars will use to capture their reflections based on the social and emotional learning that occurs through literature. I will be purchasing a research-based SEL literature bundle in order to guide students’ discovery and understanding of these themes through discussing literature. These reflections will be viewed and responded to by the scholars’ family and myself. The SEL themes within this folder will mirror the themes discussed through specific literature in the classroom. This project allows for connection between the teacher, family/parent and the student. Additionally, this project aims to use SEL as a way to strengthen the skill set of students at a young age and to help to break down language barriers experienced by ELL scholars and their families.”
Tags: Art & Literature, Charter School, Community Engagement, Elementary School, ELs, Mindfulness, Teacher, Urban