SEL Awardee

Blanca Vasquez

International Studies Learning Center
Los Angeles Unified School District
South Gate, CA
“ISLC is a span school grades 6-12 with 905 students. Because we are a small community all students are placed in the general classrooms. Students with disabilities, English learners, newcomers, foster and homeless students are placed together in the general classrooms. As a result, we know that many times these students struggle socially, struggle academically, and start to fall behind. The project that will be implemented at ISLC would be to have all classrooms conduct an SEL lesson during the Advisory period which will be led by student leaders. These lessons will positively affect student success in school academically, build relationships among peers and teachers, reduce negative social behaviors, and create positive classroom climates. In addition, these lessons will also build leadership skills for students.”
Tags: Housing Inequities, Middle School, Suburban, Teacher, Traditional Public School