SEL Awardee

Bonita Jamison

Ferguson Florissant School District
Hazelwood, MO
“As a district at the epicenter of civil unrest due to the killing of Michael Brown, Ferguson-Florissant School District experienced the impact of inequities with local law enforcement. “From Discipline to Dialogue: Student Voice & Restorative Practices” seeks to incorporate student voice into change efforts. The project will focus on building leadership capacity in students by training them to lead the implementation of restorative practices and would include students and staff being trained in tiered practices to include: circles, peer mediation, restorative conferences and an advisory component led by students. The aim is to transition from a punitive approach to a restorative approach.”
Tags: Culturally Responsive Approaches, District, Elementary School, High School, Housing Inequities, Middle School, Restorative Practices, Student Leadership & Voice, Students Affected by Suspensions, Students with Disabilities, Suburban, Traditional Public School, Trauma-Informed