SEL Awardee

Brenda Young

John R Wooden High School
Los Angeles Unified School District
Reseda, CA
“Our project, RISE UP! is an opportunity for students to recognize and develop their creative expression through a multi-layered arts project connected to our standard based learning across the curriculum. This will be accomplished though: visual arts of designing, painting and producing a mural on our school campus; using film to document unique experiences on our campus-especially our rescue farm to document the connection between animals and humans; use Spoken Word for students to express thoughts and feelings in a meaningful and authentic voice unique to them. The purpose of this artistic collage is to recognize, encourage and allow students to use their own authentic feelings, talents and skills to develop emotional awareness, social interaction and growth mindset to enhance their qualities and discover new possibilities they did not know existed. By broadening our method of instruction through artistic expression, we are better able to engage and connect with students as "significant human beings" rather than just as a "student." We see great results in attendance, self-worth, joy and confidence when we are able to broaden learning modalities and concentrate on the emotional needs of the student. Without fulfilling emotional needs, the student may not be ready or able to learn. Our students come to us with many obstacles already in their path. Our school emphasizes the unique offerings and challenges they bring to our school and fully support them to follow through on their goal of graduating from high school when they believed it would never be possible.”
Tags: Boys and Young Men of Color, Girls & Young Women of Color, High School, Teacher, Traditional Public School, Urban