SEL Awardee

Bryan Salley

Eisenhower Center for Innovation
Mesa Public Schools
Mesa, AZ
“ECFI will partner with Aliento to integrate SEL practices in elementary school classrooms to increase students' ability to identify and articulate emotions, then choose a strategy to self-regulate that emotion. The 15-20 students involved in the Aliento Fellowship at ECFI engage in arts-focused, culturally competent, and trauma-informed programming. Along with SEL, students increase self-agency and resiliency through simultaneous leadership development so that students can take an active role in defining their classroom culture. In addition, the Aliento Fellowship at ECFI provides continued professional development to teachers that are aligned with the fellowship curriculum to increase mutual understanding between teachers and students. By continuing to implement this program, Aliento serves as a bridge to support building relationships between teachers, parents, and students and co-create healthier, culturally responsive, and inclusive classrooms.”
Tags: Elementary School, ELs, Teacher, Traditional Public School, Urban