SEL Awardee

Casey Simpson

Southwest Open School
Montezuma-Cortez School District
Cortez, CO
“Twenty years ago our school adopted the Discovery model, an inquiry-based educational philosophy. The school combined this model with a character education curriculum that was available at the time to create what we call SWOSology. Not much has changed with SWOSology (our character education program) in the subsequent years. We have realized it is time for a change, and we are excited about it. This project is directed at expanding our social and emotional learning offerings from one course, SWOSology, and embed our curriculum with the SEL core competencies. What we hope to achieve by the end of this project is; embedding SEL curriculum into all of our course offerings, expanding SEL practices into our behavior education and management program, and supporting staff in trauma informed self-care strategies so that we can maintain a sustainable and effective staff. The majority of the funding for this project will be used to support three blocks of professional development; the first for curriculum development, the second for behavior management, and the third for staff well being.”
Tags: Curriculum, High School, Housing Inequities, Leadership Development, LGBTQI+, Rural, Secondary Trauma, Students Affected by Suspensions, Teacher, Teacher Leadership, Traditional Public School, Trauma-Informed