SEL Awardee

Catherine Keppers

Findlay High School
Findlay City Schools
Findlay, OH
“Findlay High School's Gay-Straight Alliance, or GSA, is a student led club that supports LGBTQIA+ identified students and their allies. Our mission is to 'work towards building an accepting community regardless of identity or orientation through education, support, social action and advocacy.' At the present time, the GSA allows for group discussion, education, emotional support and social connection. Group discussions include topics such as LGBTQIA+ role models, stereotypes, current issues and trends. Education is focused on the rights and protections of the students, as well as learning about LGBTQIA+ history. Every activity also provides the opportunity to connect with fellow students and to improve the social experience and well-being of each teen. The Gay-Straight Alliance is proposing the development of a new and enriching year-long curriculum for LGBTQIA+ students as well as Safe Zone training for faculty members at Findlay High School.”
Tags: Curriculum, High School, Identity Development, LGBTQI+, Rural, Teacher, Traditional Public School