SEL Awardee

Chris LeMieux

Mountain Education Charter High School
Cleveland, GA
“The purpose of the MECHS SEL Outdoor Nature Campus is to provide MECHS students and staff a natural setting to conduct SEL activities that build resiliency traits within students. The SEL Nature Campus is located in the scenic North Georgia mountains near Clarksville, Georgia. The SEL Nature Campus also has the sparking and verdant Soquee river flowing adjacent to its property. MECHS has already built several outdoor SEL fitness/SEL focus talks stations on the property for small group activities along the trail running from the SEL Nature Campus headquarters area. Other activities planned for this nature campus include (a) evidence-based SEL curriculum specifically designed for the nature center, (b) an SEL office center and an indoor classroom, (c) extended porch with outdoor tables and chairs, (d) outdoor classroom area, (e) paved parking for visitors, (f) completed 1 mile hiking trail with fitness/focus talks stations, (g) renovated barn with loft, (h) service project building, (i) Appalachian back country shelters for sleeping, (j) community restroom building, (k) pottery and art classroom, (l) fire pit for bonfires, and (m) basic site landscaping.”
Tags: Charter School, Curriculum, District, ELs, High School, Housing Inequities, Outdoors, Rural, Students Affected by Suspensions