SEL Awardee

Dana Davis

Glover Community Learning Center
Akron Public Schools
Akron, OH
“Glover CLC’s all-inclusive project, 'The Big 3 Part II,' is designed to engage and challenge students, staff and family/community members to embrace pro-active SEL strategies. Our goal is for SEL to become instinctive and embedded, thus impacting behaviors for years to come. School data suggests we have more SEL-focused work to do. 'The Big 3 Part II' will embrace professional development, student and family diversity and equity in education through restorative justice practices, positive peer interactions and student/staff/parent relationship building activities while continuing to develop our three focus goals: Treat Others Right, Maximize Your Potential and Make Smart Decisions.”
Tags: Community Engagement, Elementary School, Teacher, Traditional Public School, Trauma-Informed, Urban