SEL Awardee

Donna Jacobson

LA's Promise Charter High School
Los Angeles, CA
“LA Promise Fund Charter Middle School and LA Promise Charter Promise High School formed a partnership with NBA star Russell Westbrook. As of July 1, the schools are known collectively as the Russell Westbrook Why Not? Academy (Academy). The Academy will continue the whole child focus, developing academic achievers, athletes and activists. This project will further the activism component by collaborating with Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF) to develop and implement a 6th-12th grade civic engagement model based on their Civic Action Program, an 8-10 week project-based learning program through which small groups of students learn civics by addressing real issues and problems in their communities that matter to them, seeing the connection between those issues and public policy, and taking meaningful civic actions to directly affect the policies that will contribute to resolving the issues.”
Tags: Charter School, Collaborative Learning, Curriculum, District, ELs, Girls & Young Women of Color, High School, Middle School, Project-based Learning, Students with Disabilities, Urban