SEL Awardee

Elissa Raffa

Minnesota Online High School (MNOHS)
Saint Paul, MN
“The Talent Squad App is a community-based life portfolio under development at MNOHS. We currently have working prototypes of the first two pieces: Academic Check and Talent (Competencies) Check. This grant will support design of Wellness Check, a tool to support students' daily decision-making and peer-to-peer conversations about the factors in their lives that keep them on track for success. To create Wellness Check, the project team will involve our school community in defining a SEL framework integrating what we know about trauma; restorative justice; and maintaining good mental, physical, and community health while working for many hours online.”
Tags: Charter School, Collaborative Learning, Community Engagement, Culturally Responsive Approaches, Curriculum, High School, Measurement, Mentorship, Mindfulness, Project-based Learning, Student Engagement, Student Leadership & Voice, Teacher, Trauma-Informed, Urban