SEL Awardee

Ellie Grose

Democracy Prep Public Schools
New York, NY
“We’d like to expand our understanding of mindfulness for both staff and students as well as enhance the Mindful Spaces—our designated spaces containing a variety of mindfulness tools and techniques—at our two New York elementary schools. Our plan is threefold: 1) Extend the duration of DREAM Time, our blocks of explicit SEL instruction, 2) Provide external professional development on mindfulness and 3) Transform our classroom Calm Down Desks into Mindful Spaces that incorporate a robust array of mindfulness tools/techniques. Our hope is that an intentional and programmatic approach to mindfulness will result in a significant decrease in stress and trauma for both students and staff as well as promote general awareness that aids in academic success, social-emotional well-being and the interrogation of staff’s implicit biases.”
Tags: Charter School, Curriculum, District, Elementary School, ELs, Girls & Young Women of Color, Housing Inequities, Indigenous Communities, LGBTQI+, Mindfulness, New Arrivals, Restorative Practices, Students Affected by Suspensions, Students with Disabilities, Teacher Leadership, Urban, Use of Space