SEL Awardee

Haley Harshman

Indianapolis, IN
“At URBAN ACT Academy, we have SEL tied to our roots. While we have a solid foundation of SEL at our school, we still recognize a critical need for some of our students to have additional, strategic supports in their SEL that directly impacts their educational experiences and overall well-being. From this need, we've casted a vision to implement what we call the Alternate Restorative Model. The mission of the Alternate Restorative Model at URBAN ACT Academy is to provide an innovative, alternate classroom setting for scholars who consistently have academic, social-emotional, and behavioral challenges within the general education setting. We believe that creating this additional supportive, yet accountable, space will provide our Tier 2 and Tier 3 scholars with an interactive, smaller classroom to thrive in.”
Tags: Charter School, Curriculum, District, Elementary School, Housing Inequities, Middle School, Students Affected by Suspensions, Urban, Use of Space