SEL Awardee

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, HI
“The Hawaii SELA (Social Emotional Learning in Action) program focuses on the development of youth leadership and peer mentorship. The program is a collaboration between University Laboratory School, Castle High School and Kailua High School. It is an innovative approach to cultivating global citizenship in youth, through a student centered, experiential learning, youth-led program where students develop skills such as facilitation, communication, social action and leadership development. Students explore themes, drawing connections to current events, local issues, and their own lives – as native students, immigrants, first generation, refugees, and youth discovering their identities and place in the world.”
Tags: Charter School, Community Engagement, District, High School, Identity Development, Indigenous Communities, LGBTQI+, Mentorship, New Arrivals, Student Leadership & Voice, Traditional Public School, Urban