SEL Awardee

Inez Ruiloba

San Diego County Office of Education, Juvenile Court and Community Schools
San Diego, CA
“JCCS will develop two Social and Emotional Learning Community of Practice (SEL CoP) cohorts aimed at developing and improving SEL practices and supports through collective learning. The goal is to provide equitable access to SEL for both youth and families across San Diego County that will further enhance our school-family-community partnerships through the Community Schools framework. The cohorts will help to establish a systemic and sustainable process in providing current SEL models giving youth and families equal opportunities to deepen their social and emotional skills in various competencies. Cohort 1 will include staff from the school community, counselors, Parent Family Liaisons (PFLs), social workers, and parents/guardians. This cohort will take the curriculum and lessons that have already been developed and take a deeper dive into responsive delivery. Cohort 2 will include staff from the school community, both certificated and classified, teachers, classroom supports, and administrators. This cohort will dig deeper into current curriculum and lessons that have already been developed, will integrate new activities/practices into their work, and will reflect on their experiences. The participants in the cohort will provide professional learning opportunities to all regions throughout the year with the expectation that school sites will provide learning opportunities for the school community. Both cohorts will collect and analyze data to determine use and effectiveness of the SEL practices. This will assist in determining best practices and next steps for the following year to include future cohorts.”
Tags: District, Elementary School, Students Affected by Suspensions, Urban