SEL Awardee

Jessica Buznitsky

Sharon Elementary School
Robbinsville Public Schools
Sharon Elementary School, NJ
“As stated in the CASEL framework, "When schools and families form authentic partnerships, they can build strong connections that reinforce students' social and emotional development." Staff members from K-5 in Robbinsville consistently work to embed SEL practices into their classroom interactions, instruction, and the larger school communities. However, until these skills carry over to students' lives outside of school, we will not be setting them up for lifelong social-emotional wellbeing. In order to transfer the use of these skills, we are seeking to form partnerships with families in the community to support their use of SEL at home. We intend to do this through educating adults on the fundamentals of SEL, drawing attention to teachable moments that can be prime SEL opportunities, and providing them books to read and activities to complete as a family. In order to make this an effective partnership, we intend to prioritize the families of students who have demonstrated an elevated need for additional SEL support. These students will be identified through the guidance department, Child Study Team, teacher recommendation, and administration. We will meet with these families three times, providing childcare while doing so. During each session, staff members will focus on specific areas of the "CASEL", highlighting different developmentally appropriate expectations and strategies for students in grades K-2 and 3-5. Families will then take home age-appropriate activities and picture books to use with their child.”
Tags: Boys and Young Men of Color, Elementary School, Suburban, Teacher, Traditional Public School