SEL Awardee

Justin Ladas

Transition Center
Hinsdale High School District 86
Willowbrook, IL
“The goal of this project is to support growth of the emotional intelligence (EI) of transition-aged students with disabilities as they navigate college classes while still enrolled in their local high school. We will be developing a student leadership cohort who will be taught skills in EI through a recreational therapy setting to create a peer leadership group for new and incoming students. Transition from high school to a college setting is fraught with many challenges. The stresses of navigating college can unwittingly impede students who otherwise have the intellectual abilities to succeed. The focus of the project this year is to better support our students not only with staff, but through a peer leadership model to enhance EI so students can be successful in post-secondary education settings.”
Tags: Curriculum, ELs, High School, New Arrivals, Students with Disabilities, Suburban, Teacher, Traditional Public School