SEL Awardee

Katherine Engel

Amphitheater High School
Amphitheater Public Schools
Tucson, AZ
“Amphitheater High School has over a hundred refugee and immigrant students participating in the English Language Development program that merges language instruction and mentorship needed for the students' successful integration into US society and local community through their social and emotional learning. The department is working on the 'Grammar in the Greenhouse' problem-based learning strategy that involves all EL students in urban gardening, incorporating its multiple aspects in academic curricula and personal development. The students acquire new skills and reinforce the talents they bring from home countries and families, shine in a new light, a new environment and engage in activities that strengthen their 21st century skills, such as effective communication with representatives of many countries of the world, teamwork, basic financing, growing their own food, healthy nutrition and sharing with the community. They engage in field trips around the community that deepen their understanding of connection between school and life and prepare for new career paths.”
Tags: Culturally Responsive Approaches, ELs, High School, Mentorship, Outdoors, Suburban, Teacher, Traditional Public School, Trauma-Informed