SEL Awardee

Kezena Brown

School in the Square Public Charter
New York, NY
“This is a new oral history project in which a team of professors, S2 staff, S2 alumni and current S2 middle school students study the social/emotional dimensions of the school and share the findings with parents and other educators. Students provide active consent to be interviewed 2x every other year of middle and high school on a set of questions to measure SEL development. Youth researchers, comprised of S2 alum and current middle schoolers have been — and will be taught -how to design, conduct, analyze and present oral history projects by Dr. Samuel Finesurrey. With these skills, student researchers will influence the design and direction of the study and present what they've learned about SEL outcomes in a culturally responsive secondary school. Students meet twice a year at the CUNY Graduate Center to explore trends that emerge from the interviews, as well as the CASEL and Restorative Justice frameworks, and develop presentations of those findings to share with the school staff and a wider community. The CUNY team will be working with S2 staff, alumni and students to build a four year sequence of Oral Interviewing and Participatory Research for the high school, opening in 2023, that will reach back into the middle school and follow students social/emotional challenges and growth from 6th-12th grade and beyond. As the high school grows a grade each year, there will be a strong model for pursuing individual and collective SEL strength.”
Tags: Charter School, District, ELs, Middle School, Urban