SEL Awardee

Krystal Dacres

The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology (MS/HS 223)
Community School District 7
Bronx, NY
“Our project targets vulnerable youth, specifically young women of color, to support their successful transition to high school and equip them with essential knowledge and skills to design and lead healthy and flourishing lives. We will create two 25-student cohorts from the 9th and 10th grades at The Laboratory School, offering biweekly SEL & Leadership sessions with Areté-trained counselors. As a result, we expect that these two cohorts of vulnerable youth will have a marked decrease in absenteeism, increase in passing grades, and self-reported survey data indicating that these teens feel well-connected to staff and peers at The Laboratory School.”
Tags: Collaborative Learning, Community Engagement, Culturally Responsive Approaches, Curriculum, ELs, Girls & Young Women of Color, Housing Inequities, Mentorship, Mindfulness, New Arrivals, Project-based Learning, Student Leadership & Voice, Teacher, Teacher Leadership, Trauma-Informed, Use of Space