SEL Awardee

Linda Lee

California Creative Learning Academy
Los Angeles, CA
“Purpose of the California Indigenous Culture Bearer Program works to help students learn, connect with, and take on the perspective of someone from an indigenous group. We are proposing to have a program that impacts all grade levels (TK-8), in both of our schools, that does the following: - Creates a forum for the work and visibility of local Indigenous Culture Bearers, - Brings our land acknowledgement statement to life in our curriculum and trainings, - Connects our students with local Indigenous Culture Bearers, - Advances our school's investment in Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, - Advances our school commitment to land stewardship, environmental sustainability, and local ecosystems while centering the wisdom of local Indigenous peoples, - Is a resource for our educators to build their knowledge base in regards to Indigenous peoples' history, wisdom, knowledge, cultural practice, and contemporary contributions. These goals would be achieved through interdisciplinary project based units that are co-constructed with the indigenous culture bearer, our general education teachers, and art specialists. We would be able to deliver a hands-on collaborative learning experience that allows students to learn and express learning through arts, and have the richness of being able to hear the lived culture, traditions, and experiences of an indigenous person.”
Tags: Charter School, District, Elementary School, Students with Disabilities, Urban