SEL Awardee

Mary Lamken

Evergreen Middle School
Everett School District
Everett, WA
“We join Behavior Students with severely impacted students to create a garden fostering leadership, self-awareness and social thinking skills in students who struggle with social norms. Our vision with this grant is to increase the SEL work with our Tier II and Tier III students with an aim of providing them with opportunities to show leadership, gain empathy and do heavy work in order to learn to self-regulate. Self-regulation is a skill that will keep these students in class more, bring up grades and set them on a more successful path.”
Tags: Collaborative Learning, Community Engagement, Culturally Responsive Approaches, Curriculum, Housing Inequities, Mentorship, Middle School, Mindfulness, Outdoors, Project-based Learning, Racial, Gender and/or Social Justice, Restorative Practices, Student Engagement, Student Leadership & Voice, Students Affected by Suspensions, Students with Disabilities, Teacher, Teacher Leadership, Traditional Public School, Trauma-Informed, Urban, Use of Space