SEL Awardee

Matthew Hoffman

Pocomoke High School
Worcester County Public Schools
Pocomoke, MD
“At Pocomoke High School, we pride ourselves in building relationships with EVERY SINGLE student in our building. Getting to know our students on a personal level is the bedrock for understanding and addressing their social and emotional needs and maximizing their potential. This connection is what allows us to explicitly and implicitly teach social and emotional strategies and values because we know what they need AND they know that we truly care. We make this happen very intentionally by creating a community of care, where students have access to people, supports and skills practice that enhance life and community skills necessary for life long success.”
Tags: Culturally Responsive Approaches, Curriculum, Girls & Young Women of Color, High School, Housing Inequities, LGBTQI+, Measurement, Racial, Gender and/or Social Justice, Restorative Practices, Rural, Secondary Trauma, Student Leadership & Voice, Teacher, Teacher Leadership, Traditional Public School, Trauma-Informed