SEL Awardee

Megan Pendley

Bellevue Public Schools
Bellevue, NE
“The purpose of this project is to provide a multilayered response through effective use and expansion of existing internal and external resources for students who are at risk of suspension. The PASS Team will address the complex nature of social, emotional and behavioral problems that contribute to school suspensions. This multidisciplinary team will provide targeted interventions to reduce barriers and increase access to resources and necessary services to meet the unique needs of students and their families. Students and families will receive additional social and emotional learning opportunities and therapeutic support. The ultimate goal is to provide an opportunity for collaborative relationships that connect the student, school, family and community while reducing disciplinary occurrences.”
Tags: Collaborative Learning, Community Engagement, Curriculum, District, Elementary School, Measurement, Mindfulness, Restorative Practices, Secondary Trauma, Student Leadership & Voice, Students Affected by Suspensions, Suburban, Teacher Leadership, Traditional Public School, Trauma-Informed