SEL Awardee

Melissa Hogan

Old Sturbridge Academy Charter Public School
Old Sturbridge Academy Charter Public School District
Sturbridge, MA
“OSA wants to embed SEL more thoroughly into our school's culture by dedicating a weekly session of our morning meeting time — what we call "morning crews" to SEL and creating student-led committees focused on SEL themes important to the students themselves. We will do this by selecting an SEL facilitator among our staff, prior to the 2022-2023 school year, who will prepare any lesson plans and supplies needed for those morning crews and identify other teachers to help lead them. SEL crew sessions will begin in September 2022. Shortly thereafter, the SEL facilitator will put together a survey for our grade 3-8 students, to determine possible committee themes, followed up by a vote to narrow down to five options. We anticipate that these committees will center around themes like LGBTQ issues, social justice, and more. These committees will start up in the spring semester, operating weekly during morning crew time under the oversight of the SEL facilitator and other OSA staff. The committees will have a budget to purchase supplies for awareness campaigns and final projects, to be presented at a school-wide town meeting towards the end of the year. By making SEL a regular part of our morning crews and creating these student-led committees, this project will give our students more opportunities to learn and practice skills such as self-care, communication, and empathy. It will also provide more opportunities for students to take on leadership roles and express themselves, ultimately improving the student culture at OSA.”
Tags: Charter School, Elementary School, Students Affected by Suspensions, Teacher, Urban