SEL Awardee

Raymond Kramer

P.S. 48 Mapleton
NYC DOE District 20
Brooklyn, NY
“Our project, Welcome to P.S. 48 is an initiative to create a variety of supports for children and their families who are new to our school community or have been identified as having a more challenging time adjusting to the school environment. Each year, PS 48 Mapleton welcomes students joining our school from all over the world. In 2021-2022 school year alone, students have enrolled in school from Yemen, China, Russia, The Dominican Republic and The Ukraine. These students, and by extension their families, may not speak English well, may not know many people, and enter an academic and social environment that can seem foreign and uninviting. This can be an overwhelming and scary experience for children that can lead to social emotional concerns both at home in the classroom. We have identified that newly immigrated students may be at greater risk for social emotional and behavioral concerns in the classroom environment due the challenges to connect both academically and socially. Cultural and language barriers can make a child feel isolated, and lonely, which can lead to a host of problems for the student such as increased anxiety and depression. Our goal is to foster an environment that provides support and resources to students and families who may have trouble adjusting to a new school setting in new countries. Welcome to P.S. 48 will allow for the creation of welcome packages for new students, the creation of a mentor program, and the creation and facilitation of four family engagement events.”
Tags: Elementary School, New Arrivals, Teacher, Traditional Public School, Urban