SEL Awardee

Samantha Bonanno

Discovery Charter School
Discovery Charter School
Rochester, NY
“Our project will be to expand on the work we did last year. We've written the curriculum and implemented it. Now our goal is threefold: 1) To get comprehensive feedback from the educators teaching it, so that we can adjust and improve as needed. 2) We intend to put a committee of students together from our upper grades to go over the lessons and give feedback from their own perspectives. 3) To invest in professional development opportunities for our teachers regarding trauma-informed practice, implicit bias, and culturally affirming-approaches to teaching that support the implementation of our curriculum, and build content understanding on the part of our staff. At Discovery Charter School, we feel very strongly about providing a wholistic education to our specific demographic of students. That means that we need to take their life experiences and circumstances into account when we teach social and emotional topics.”
Tags: Boys and Young Men of Color, Charter School, Elementary School, Teacher, Urban