SEL Awardee

Sharon Bradley

Plano Independent School District
Plano, TX
“The Plano ISD Attendance Review Board is a truancy intervention program to support and enhance the district's current truancy prevention and intervention efforts. This program will consist of a district attendance review board to internally hear individual situations to identify and support the root causes of their absences PRIOR to referring students and families to truancy court. Instead of referring students to truancy court and the juvenile justice system prematurely, the goal is to divert students with school attendance problems from the juvenile justice system until all district and community resources have been exhausted. The Plano Attendance Review Board (PARB) program will be part of a system of existing tiered interventions intended to make maximum use of school district and community resources to re-engage students and families, improve graduation rates and increase the district's attendance rate. Prior to PARB, over 400 students each year have been referred to the county court system. Since the program, the Plano Independent School District has referred less than 30 students each year.”
Tags: District, Elementary School, ELs, Housing Inequities, LGBTQI+, New Arrivals, Students with Disabilities, Traditional Public School, Urban