SEL Awardee

Stefanie Dulak

Moving Everest Charter School
Chicago Public Schools
Chicago, IL
“Moving Everest Charter School is committed to adopting trauma-sensitive mindsets and practices to create a school that is both instructional and healing for all scholars, and especially those impacted by trauma. All school staff will engage in extensive training and will apply what they learn to build a school CULTURE that minimizes the impacts of trauma. Scholars will be explicitly taught a CURRICULUM that focuses on self-awareness and self-management skills and incorporates mindfulness practices. Finally, staff will view scholars and families as COLLABORATIVE partners and will offer family outreach events centered around understanding and buffering the effects of trauma.”
Tags: Community Engagement, Curriculum, Elementary School, Girls & Young Women of Color, Mindfulness, Restorative Practices, Secondary Trauma, Students Affected by Suspensions, Teacher, Teacher Leadership, Traditional Public School, Trauma-Informed, Urban, Use of Space