SEL Awardee

Tina Walker Simmons

Hollyvale Elementary
Hesperia Unified School District
Victorville, CA
“All students are capable of recognizing social and emotional problems around them. They can also be the most powerful change initiators. With guidance and mentors, students are able to come to a positive solution/resolution for issues affecting them. After identifying social and emotional issues within their own school community, students will then use Project Based Learning (Buck Institute Model) to create a written, publishable product to address those same issues. The focus is on student perception of social and emotional issues directly related to their world. Students will have a voice in their community, and they will learn the power of written language. The project’s ultimate goal is meaningful student learning through hands-on experience while interfacing with real-world audiences.”
Tags: Community Engagement, Elementary School, ELs, Student Leadership & Voice, Suburban, Teacher, Traditional Public School