SEL Awardee

Upāsikā tree turtle and Gabriel Pickus

The Barclay Elementary/Middle School's 29th Street Community Center
Baltimore City Public Schools
Baltimore, MD
“Relational violence (such as school fights) is one of the gravest impediments to academic success and healthy behavioral management in under-resourced urban schools. Our project lays the groundwork to end relational violence at the Barclay Elementary/Middle School's 29th Street Community Center with a specialized program of intergenerational and inter-age SEL mentoring. We will offer SEL-focused peace education emphasizing nonviolent communication, emotional regulation, anger management and de-escalation to parents and older youth who will then co-train and co-teach younger youth. This SEL-focused cross training aims to break the cycles whereby toxic values are passed on from generation to generation.”
Tags: Community Engagement, Elementary School, Mentorship, Middle School, Mindfulness, Restorative Practices, Students Affected by Suspensions, Teacher, Traditional Public School, Urban