SEL Awardee

Vanessa Acuna

Prescott Magnet Cluster
Chicago Public Schools
Chicago, IL
“The Prescott Peacekeepers will be a group of circle-keeping trained students and staff cultivating a restorative mindset in our school community. The role of a circle keeper is integral in maintaining an equitable and dynamic restorative practices approach in a school building. Circles are a powerful tool and serve as a conduit in embedding the restorative mindset. One of the unique aspects of Prescott is its diverse student population as compared to similar schools in the district. This provides us an opportunity to implement a powerful project that will show circle keeping as universally effective. My greatest hope is that we become the example. We become the models for circle keeping for other schools to learn from thus increasing the impact of restorative practices district-wide.”
Tags: Community Engagement, Culturally Responsive Approaches, ELs, Girls & Young Women of Color, LGBTQI+, Middle School, Racial, Gender and/or Social Justice, Restorative Practices, Student Leadership & Voice, Students with Disabilities, Teacher, Teacher Leadership, Traditional Public School, Urban