The SEL Blog
In the years since the initiation of our “SEL Drum Circle,” we have helped students form positive, supportive relationships with their peers, become mentors in our school, and give inspiring performances for leadership symposia on our campus. Our drum circle members demonstrate active respect and care for their peers, teachers and even in how they care for their drums. Each time they perform, they draw a supportive and enthusiastic audience of their parents and peers. In the previous nine months, the pandemic crisis has not only interrupted drum circle meetings and their inspiring performances, it has also exposed a need in the broader community and drum circle families. We see now how much our parent/guardian community turns to us for community, connection, and SEL modeling/leadership. Our current initiative is specifically designed to expand our drumming community to include parents, teachers, and drum circle alumni by purchasing instruments that will increase collaboration at our school and community. The goal of this initiative is to create a space in which parents, teachers, and alumni (now in middle school) can practice, perform, build strong relationships necessary for community level SEL. Expanding drumming mentorship to include parents, teachers, and alumni will allow our mentors to move from participation in communication at our school to empowered communication in our community.