SEL Awardee

Angela Quinlan

Pacific High School
San Bernardino Unified School District
San Bernardino, CA
“In this project, our students will have the opportunity to take what they have learned in class, and use their knowledge to teach the parents in several engaging STEM/ STEAM nights throughout the year. One article, (2018) notes that "Students with engaged parents don't just have high test scores: their attendance, self-esteem, and graduation rate rise, too (" There has been a study decline of parent involvement, some of which is due to the fact that parents don't necessarily understand the rigorous curriculums of today, especially in STEM/STEAM oriented classrooms. Our pathways would like to provide an opportunity for parents to receive training, gather experiences and develop a comprehensive understanding of what their students do ever day. Students as teachers, will establish an appreciation in parent involvement, thereby creating a segue between students, parents and public school partnerships. In our district, we want to lead that initiative. Students as Instructors to parents will produce cooperative, confident, and creative connections that extend on the Social and Emotional needs of students as leaders in their community, who work with their parents to develop as a new evolving generation. This program will also provide childcare for parents with students who earn while they learn to care for younger children.”
Tags: High School, Housing Inequities, Teacher, Traditional Public School, Urban