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You care about your students and their overall well-being. We know firsthand–you put in the time, energy, and commitment to consider your students’ social and emotional learning (SEL), you applied for an SEL in Action grant, and now you’re making the most of that funding. This is cause for celebration! It’s also another project on your already-full plate.

SEL is like that: joy and struggle exist in the same moment.

This Playbook is here to help with the struggle–and to celebrate the joys. This has been created by SEL in Action grantees for SEL in Action grantees. It is also meant to be a resource to the field. If you are an educator doing SEL for yourself, your students, and your community, this Playbook is for you.

This is also meant to provide insight, recommendations and best practices for educators–you!–as you work with your school, district, organization and community. It’s meant to give you quick, ready-to-use resources, tips, and strategies to make your SEL work stronger, more effective, and more fun.

We know you are working toward an education system that supports all students, and especially historically marginalized students, so that everyone can learn and build skills necessary for healthy, purposeful pursuits beyond secondary school. We’re doing that work, too.

This Playbook will help us do that work together.

With gratitude,
Ashley, Ray, Valerie, Ivee, Tina, Elyse, Kathy, Joshua, and Stacy

The Playbook: insights, recommendations and best practices for educators

The Playbook has three main sections: Making the most of your SEL work, reporting on your SEL work, and sustaining your SEL work. Please click on the boxes below to read more educator-developed ideas, recommendations and resources.