SEL Awardee

Erin Dedwylder

James Campbell High School
Leeward (Hawai’i Department of Education)
Ewa Beach, HI
“The Ewa Culture and Arts Project, a year-long student-driven project, spotlights diversity in the Ewa community on Oahu. This project supports students’ development in skills directly correlated with SEL competencies and the ideals of Nā Hopena A'o, the unique values of the Hawaiian culture. The culminating Ewa Culture and the Arts Fair, which will be open to the community, celebrates diversity and empowers JCHS students by providing them an outlet to showcase important aspects of their heritage through art, literature, dance and music. Through exploration of the different art forms, attendees will grow in empathy and global awareness.”
Tags: Elementary School, High School, Indigenous Communities, Student Leadership & Voice, Teacher, Traditional Public School, Urban