SEL Awardee

Janelle Bence

New Tech High at Coppell
Coppell ISD
Coppell, TX
“Project Growing Social-Emotional Health is a two-prong approach to social and emotional learning. Feeling like one belongs, having a shared goal, and experiencing opportunities of agency and serving others are three important elements of post-traumatic healing. The first part is the Hope Squad. Students will identify peers of trust on campus who will become the Hope Squad leaders. With support from the district, the Hope Squad will be trained using Hope Squad ( modules. The Hope Squad will facilitate sessions during our Flex Friday sessions, and participants will attend through interest as well as invitations from other learners. During these sessions, participants will develop an understanding of how to build an inclusive culture where everyone will feel safe and respected, how to develop healthy relationships, and most importantly, how to seek help and help others find help when needed. Hope squad will also host luncheons and other events to foster community. Secondly, in response to an overwhelming call to do more for and with the community coupled with a growing gardening group on campus, learners will start a greenhouse where they will plant, nurture, and propagate plants. During Friday Flex Sessions, learners will care for said plants, learn more about them, and work to market the future sales and plant swap events. The Greenhouse Crew will work with the Coppell Farmers Market to sell plants for an organization of their choice. This portion of the initiative was actually developed with current Freshmen at New Tech High at Coppell.”
Tags: High School, LGBTQI+, Suburban, Teacher, Traditional Public School