SEL Awardee

Janice Ross

NYC Public Schools - Brooklyn North High School
New York City, NY
“Sikirat Tutors is a multidisciplinary tutoring service catering to middle & high school students from Brooklyn North, which supports 238 schools across 7 school districts. Sikirat Tutors approaches tutoring through a different lens, providing professional peer to peer tutoring services to its students. Unlike modern day approaches to academia, there is a crucial socio-emotional and wellness component to Sikirat Tutors, highlighting a focus on the whole child. Through the Bridge Program, we partner with schools to train and organize high school students to tutor and support middle school students in their school districts. This opportunity provides older youth the chance to make a passive income and build leadership skills while simultaneously giving back to younger students in their community. Through 1 on 1 tutoring support, homework coaching, test preparation and Parent & Student Advocacy, Sikirat Tutors promises the best service, all while providing opportunities for students to explore early professional career skills through a communal approach that focuses on internal and interpersonal growth.”
Tags: Boys and Young Men of Color, District, Girls & Young Women of Color, Middle School, Traditional Public School, Urban