SEL Awardee

Jennifer Shaw

Metropolitan Business Academy
New Haven Public Schools
New Haven, CT
“Metropolitan Business Academy is creating a student-run 'Youth Justice Panel' with the help of the school's Restorative Justice Practices working group, its Peer Leadership course and Youth Court of Connecticut. 'Youth Justice Panel' will allow students to take the lead in mediation, restorative circles and other restorative justice practices that help maintain Metro's reflective, collaborative and whole-person approach to teaching and learning. Through trips to other Youth Courts in the area and research on Restorative Practices, Metro's Youth Justice Panel will be developed in conjunction with its Peer Leadership course and the teacher-led Restorative Justice Practices working group. Students at all grade levels will be trained in Restorative Practices either through the Peer Leadership course or as an extracurricular club, with the hope that students will spend at least two years as part of the Panel to establish it as part of Metro's culture.”
Tags: High School, Restorative Practices, Student Leadership & Voice, Students Affected by Suspensions, Teacher, Traditional Public School, Urban