SEL Awardee

Jill Merolla

Warren City Schools
Warren, OH
“Warren City Schools' 'Girlhood: Uninterrupted' is a year-long targeted social and emotional program that will support our young ladies who are at risk and/or on Student Success Plans in grades 4–6 & 9th grade. 'Girlhood: Uninterrupted' will provide additional time after school to dig deeper into the social and emotional root cause of their at-risk status and provide a positive social structure so they can feel successful as a group and better affiliated with their individual school. The funding will provide a series of five after-school programming dates for approximately 100 girls from five of the District's buildings (four PK8, one high school) (twenty per building) throughout the school year, a one day career/arts field trip and a celebration banquet. Each school's program will be led by the school counselor and School Community Liaison. An after-school meal will be provided and transportation home. Each young lady will set and monitor personal goals, practice positive communication and explore and uncover personal strengths and aspirations.”
Tags: District, Elementary School, Girls & Young Women of Color, High School, Identity Development, Middle School, Traditional Public School, Urban