SEL Awardee

Jodie Barber

Linderman Education Center
Kalispell Public Schools
Kalispell, MT
“LEC initiated this partnership with ROLC during school year 2021-2022 and has been running the program with great success. LEC students were inspired to design and build a sauna by the Flathead River using natural materials, tarps, and fire-heated stones. The construction is not a sweat lodge but has been guided by two elders, Tony Ten Fingers (ROLC's remote Indian Education for All consultant) and Glen Schiffman (another practiced sweat-lodge pourer and sun-dancer who was adopted into the Lakota traditions.) These elders will guide the staff and youth in setting intentions, constructing, and using the sauna in a secular and connective way. The youth have already gained a strong sense of community and accomplishment, and have exercised the skills of planning, group process, empathizing with cultures different from their own, mindfulness, and caring for the natural world. Participating students have been excited to come to school in order to participate in the program. They look forward to the field time learning about outdoor and primitive living skills. When they return from the field trip they are excited to tell about their day and what they did. We have noticed a sense of empowerment in many of the students that have attended by making crafts and fire with their own hands. Those that have stayed involved in the shelter build have shown excitement and dedication to completing a long-term goal. Their experiences with Ravenwood have been positive and have made them want to continue participating into Summer and next school year.”
Tags: High School, Housing Inequities, Rural, Teacher, Traditional Public School