SEL Awardee

Kara Menfi and Tina Vasquez

Charlottesville High School
Charlottesville City Schools
Charlottesville, VA
“Multilingual Mentoring is a student-run, staff-supported peer advisory and mentorship program. This program was initiated and named by a small group of seniors who reflected upon their experiences as newly arrived ELLs (English Language Learners) and wanted to create a support program so that new students like them would have an easier transition than they did. Volunteer students at an Advanced English Language Proficiency receive leadership and Mental Health First Aid training and then join the MM team. Newcomer students are matched with a mentor after arriving at our school. These mentors offer support in the mentees' home languages to help them adapt and thrive at school. Via biweekly check-ins and a "scavenger hunt" of tasks, Newcomer students build critical Social Emotional Learning competencies. Mentors act as liaisons with their mentees' teachers and/or staff sponsors to help ensure their success. Mentors are given additional training and support to simultaneously build their own SEL and leadership skills in various ways as well.”
Tags: High School, New Arrivals, Suburban, Teacher, Traditional Public School