SEL Awardee

Lesley Washington

Katherine L. Albiani Middle School
Elk Grove Unified School District
Elk Grove, CA
“'Students In School NOT Suspended' will shift current practice from traditional discipline to Restorative Practices. Instead of being suspended, students will remain at school to reflect on their actions, take responsibility for harm done and understand their obligation to repair harm. Restorative Practices addresses the needs of the victim and reintegrates the offender back into the school community, two components not included in traditional disciplinary practices. Additional goals are to reduce recidivism among offenders by changing their behavior, increase accountability regarding agreements made between offenders and victims and improve relationships with students and families.”
Tags: Mentorship, Middle School, Mindfulness, Restorative Practices, Student Leadership & Voice, Students Affected by Suspensions, Suburban, Teacher, Traditional Public School