SEL Awardee

Lisa Vasquez

Ruidoso High School
Ruidoso Municipal Schools
Ruidoso, NM
“Grant funds will be used to purchase books, SEL materials, and teacher resources that will help our students and teachers discover a broader understanding of an inclusive society and that encourage readers to pause and reflect on the cultural representation of characters, setting, and events in the books they read. By the end of the grant, we hope our students will have achieved a better sense of identity, agency, and belonging through building a school culture that fosters trust and draws on the strengths literature brings to the development of young people’s sense of identity, agency, belonging and caring for others.”
Tags: Art & Literature, Culturally Responsive Approaches, Curriculum, ELs, Girls & Young Women of Color, High School, Housing Inequities, Identity Development, Indigenous Communities, LGBTQI+, New Arrivals, Restorative Practices, Rural, Student Engagement, Students Affected by Suspensions, Students with Disabilities, Teacher, Traditional Public School