SEL Awardee

Maritza Santana

In Tech Academy MS/HS 368
NYC DOE District 10
New York, NY
“Our SEL project will focus on our incoming 9th grade students. We have a large population of students from the Dominican Republic and Yemen who are not only adjusting to life at our high school but to life in a new country with varying social and emotional expectations. We will focus on a group of approximately 80 incoming 9th grade students and support them with a social and emotional learning curriculum which will allow them to work with a teacher during an advisory period. Using fun and engaging activities and trips, we will increase student resilience, compassion and acceptance and help them learn more about themselves, how they learn, how they respond to emotional upsets and what they are passionate about.”
Tags: Community Engagement, Curriculum, ELs, High School, LGBTQI+, New Arrivals, Students with Disabilities, Teacher, Traditional Public School, Urban