SEL Awardee

Milton Kennedy

Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy
Winston-Salem Forsyth County
Winston-Salem, NC
“Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy is a multi-faceted, magnet program within the Winston-Salem Forsyth County School system. Our school works to enroll students that are 1st generation middle and high school students. Our demographics include a majority of African American and Hispanic American students. However, a unique opportunity at our school includes the English as a Second Language Academy. Students that are enrolled into this specific program are not only 1st generation middle and high school students, however they are are also newcomers with broken educational journies and minimal exposure to the American Education System. Within our district, we implement a Panorama survey that measures the state of Social and Emotional competencies in all students and staff members. Within this data, we have seen a significant drop in the sense of belonging in demographics that associate with being an English Language Learner (ELL). The Friends, Family and Community (FCC) initiative works to close the gap between our ELL students and newcomers and their families with our current students and community. Due to language barriers, both parents and students' retention and success may be impacted.Through the use of student led activities, workshops, mentorship and communal collaborations - Friends, Family and Community initative hopes to improve the sense of belonging amongst ALL students. As all stakeholders within our community grow in their understanding and implementation of the SEL competencies, we hope to see a positive impact in their retention, success in and out of the classroom, goal-making, graduation rates and future career successes.”
Tags: Boys and Young Men of Color, ELs, Girls & Young Women of Color, Middle School, Teacher, Traditional Public School, Urban