SEL Awardee

Nandrane Fairclough-Willie

Lauderdale Lakes Middle School
Broward County Public School
Lauderdale Lakes, FL
“With a population of over 90 percent black students, Lauderdale Lakes Middle School demonstrates characteristics, strengths and difficulties associated with a science curriculum that is non-responsive and non-representative of the population. With the absence of their own culture and identity in the curriculum, students lack motivation to strive for and attain proficiency, with 35 percent of students showing proficient on the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA). Through awareness and infusion of contributions blacks have made to Science and Engineering, students will be able to connect with the content, increasing self-awareness through accurate self-perception and self-confidence, thereby improving proficiency. This grant will make such connections by educating our intellectual capital (teachers) so that they can equip students in integrating SEL and science content through interactive materials that grab, maintain and pique interest, ultimately improving their academic functioning in science.”
Tags: Community Engagement, Culturally Responsive Approaches, Curriculum, Middle School, Students with Disabilities, Teacher, Traditional Public School, Urban