SEL Awardee

Potosi School District

Potosi, WI
“The focus of our project is the infusion and integration of CASEL’s five social and emotional learning competencies into classroom instruction and routines so that all students are given an equitable opportunity to be in a classroom that ensures quality academic instruction, simultaneously fostering the social and emotional development of our students. We will achieve this task across multiple systems of support through the services of a social and emotional learning coach who will guide teachers to a common understanding of SEL and provide feedback regarding effective SEL practices. SEL teacher and student rubrics will be created to guide discussions and assess SEL growth. The SEL coach will also train student peer coaches who help support the development of SEL competencies with students needing more support and guidance.”
Tags: Curriculum, District, Elementary School, High School, Measurement, Mentorship, Middle School, Rural, Traditional Public School