SEL Awardee

Sarah Kirk

Churchill School
Fairfield Public Schools
Fairfield, NJ
“Our vision is to create a Community Service Learning Lab within the school. In the Community Service Learning Lab students will take part in hands-on meaningful community service projects through which they use their classroom learning while intentionally addressing the needs of their local, national and global communities. The students will use research, problem solving, social and emotional learning and reflection skills to identify an area or group of people in need. The students will then take an active role in creating a solution and tangible project to benefit the identified group.”
Tags: Collaborative Learning, Community Engagement, Culturally Responsive Approaches, Curriculum, Elementary School, Measurement, Mentorship, Mindfulness, Project-based Learning, Restorative Practices, Student Engagement, Student Leadership & Voice, Suburban, Teacher, Teacher Leadership, Traditional Public School, Trauma-Informed, Use of Space