SEL Awardee

Catherine Strunge

Maria Saucedo Scholastic Academy
Chicago Public Schools
Chicago, IL
“Our project is focusing on creating a Student Voice Committee for our school. The Student Voice Committee will be student-centered and student-run with some adult input. The Student Voice Committee will take on such projects as creating a school store and token economy, recognizing classmates' birthdays, decorating bulletin boards for various holidays/month themes, etc., and planning any activities that they feel the school and its students could benefit from. Our objective overall is to make students feel empowered, a part of their school, and give them the tools they need to be future leaders.”
Tags: Collaborative Learning, Girls & Young Women of Color, Leadership Development, LGBTQI+, Middle School, New Arrivals, Project-based Learning, Student Engagement, Student Leadership & Voice, Students with Disabilities, Teacher, Traditional Public School, Urban